Item Builder for LoL!

I just released my latest app!

This one is an app for all the League of Legends players out there. I made it to help when choosing what items to build. It's really simple to use, simply choose what champion you want, runes, masteries and items. You will then get all the stats for this build, which makes it easy to compare what switching out one item for another would do for your build and thus making it a bit easier to choose what build path to go. I believe this app will be useful for anyone - from pros to new players, so download it and tell me what you think!

If there's anything you'd want me to add to this app then contact me and I will implement it ASAP!



Typing Defender

I just released my newest game.
It's called "Typing Defender" and is a twist on the castle defense genre.
Now you'll have to win by typing different words.

You can download it here:

Full description:

Enemies are attacking!
You work as a wizard and it is your job to defend the castle. 
Use different spells and attacks to keep the enemies away.
If you enjoy typing games and castle defense games then this game is for you! Defend your castle by typing the enemy-specific spells or by using powerful attacks.
Upgrade your spells to become even stronger. As the game progresses the enemies will become stronger and stronger and more difficult to defeat. Upgrade your castle, skills and spells to be able to beat them.
- Play for FREE!
- Defend your castle
- Upgrade your spells
- Become faster at typing
- Use your hardware keyboard
- Amazing music
Type your way to victory in this amazing typing game!


I just got my first review for Math Trainer!
It was from Will at DroidIdols (

You can read the review here:

I agree with Will on all the criticism he had about the game (although users are no longer asked if they'd like to see the help before starting a new game).

DroidIdols is a site with normal reviews but each sunday they also have a small contest where they announce the best app of the week that they've reviewed. Be sure to check their site out.

Math Trainer Pro


Not gonna make a long post about this.
Just wanted to let you know that there is now a Pro version available.

Differences between Pro and Free version:
- No advertisements!
- Customization (change background colour on every screen).

So if you're feeling sick of either the advertisements or the background colours, then download this pro version! Only USD 1.05!

Get it on Google Play

Math Trainer

And it's out!
Actually the game has been out for almost a week now.
You can download it from the Google Play market here:

Is your mental math as good as it used to be? Do you think you are better than most other at math? Are you just learning math and need a way to practice?
Then this is the app for you!
Use this app once a day and you will be better at mental arithmetic than you've ever been.
Test your skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Try how many questions you can answer in 1 minute.
Play the neverending mode: The game is never going to end. Unless you answer three questions incorrectly.
Practice the times tables.
Many different difficulty levels.
Compete in online leaderboards or against yourself.
This is the ultimate app for both adults and kids wanting to practice their math skills.

More features to come soon!

That's all for now.

Over and Out,
Solirify Games


I'm getting closer to the finish!

I've been working on the game ever since I last wrote. And now it's actually starting to look more and more like a finished game. I'm going to try to get a first version out in a couple of days. This is of course just a first version and a ton of updates will be added as time passes by.

I have also stopped reading the book completely now as I'm working on the game. I feel that I'm learning a lot more than what I learn when just reading (it's also a lot more fun ;) )

What you can expect

So like I've already said it's going to be a math game. It's going to be one of those "Flash card" type of games, but I have also tried looking up what people are missing at the other apps/games and implemented them in mine. Currently there are 4 modes: Addition / Subtraction. Multiplication / Division. Times tables. And also a time challange (how many questions can you answer in 1 minute).

It's not gonna be the next "Game of the Year" but I think it's a good start for a first game.

What about updates?

There will be updates. Those four modes are just the start. I already have a couple more modes thought out which I will try to implement. Of course if you may have some mode that you feel is needed in this type of game, then feel free to comment/contact me.

That's it for today. If everything goes as planned I'll release it on tuesday. If there fails, then before the end of April.

I hope you enjoy reading about my route to becoming an Android developer.

That's all for now,
Solirify Games.


Thought it was time for an update now.

What's new?

I decided not to continue working on the map game as I'm far too inexperienced for something like that. Instead I started working on a new project. It's still gonna be about education, but this time about math. I think this should be a fairly simple project to have as my first one.

Why a math game?

Well, since I couldn't make the map game I had to think of a new project. I wanted it to be pretty simple so that I could make it pretty much all on my own. I also didn't want to make one of those useless entertainment apps (you know, like the fart apps and fake shaver apps, etc). I then got the idea of the current apps. I started thinking about how to implement it and, although it's not the easiest app to make, it shouldn't be too hard for me.

When will it be done?

It's really too early to say. I can tell you what I have done currently:
I have implemented a splash screen.
Made part of the menu.
A lot of the game logic.

All this in 2 days time. But there's still a lot to do.
Also this was during the weekend, on weekdays the progress will most likely go slower.
I'll keep you updated.

Final words:

As a final statement for this blog post I'd just like to make a shoutout to the IRC channel #android-dev (at I encountered a problem yesterday and went there. They helped me and it turned out that I had only missed one little line of code.

I think that's about it for today.
I'll keep you posted about the progress.

Feel free to leave a comment.
For example, what do you think about the way I present you the changes now (the "FAQ" kind of layout)?

Have a nice day,
Solirify Games.