Typing Defender

I just released my newest game.
It's called "Typing Defender" and is a twist on the castle defense genre.
Now you'll have to win by typing different words.

You can download it here:

Full description:

Enemies are attacking!
You work as a wizard and it is your job to defend the castle. 
Use different spells and attacks to keep the enemies away.
If you enjoy typing games and castle defense games then this game is for you! Defend your castle by typing the enemy-specific spells or by using powerful attacks.
Upgrade your spells to become even stronger. As the game progresses the enemies will become stronger and stronger and more difficult to defeat. Upgrade your castle, skills and spells to be able to beat them.
- Play for FREE!
- Defend your castle
- Upgrade your spells
- Become faster at typing
- Use your hardware keyboard
- Amazing music
Type your way to victory in this amazing typing game!