Math Trainer

And it's out!
Actually the game has been out for almost a week now.
You can download it from the Google Play market here:

Is your mental math as good as it used to be? Do you think you are better than most other at math? Are you just learning math and need a way to practice?
Then this is the app for you!
Use this app once a day and you will be better at mental arithmetic than you've ever been.
Test your skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Try how many questions you can answer in 1 minute.
Play the neverending mode: The game is never going to end. Unless you answer three questions incorrectly.
Practice the times tables.
Many different difficulty levels.
Compete in online leaderboards or against yourself.
This is the ultimate app for both adults and kids wanting to practice their math skills.

More features to come soon!

That's all for now.

Over and Out,
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